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UHMWPE Fender Pads


UHMW-PE Fender pads and fenders are produced by a sintering process either from virgin or from reclaimed material (aprox. 70% reclaimed +30% virgin material - also named double-sintered or blended UHMW-PE).


We use PE 1000 material as the standard material for UHMWPE Fender pads. The PE 1000 Fender grade pads can meet 99% of customer demands on UHMWPE Fender quality. However there are also 1% customer who have special requirements. So do not worry, Xinxing can also use higher grade to meet the 1% demands.

UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene) combines highest strength with wear resistance and consequently provides the best durabilty of all available Polyethylene products.

Advantages are:
·Very high impact strength
·Very low friction coefficient
·Very high abrasion resistance
·UV + Ozone resistant
·Non-conducting (optional)
·100% recycable, non-rottening
·Cut to size sheet ,all size is available with us
·Standard colour :Black ,Yellow ,Blue ,Green ,Red,White  ,other colour is available upon request .
The application is as follows:
·low resistance sliding plates on fender panels
·low resistance slinding panels for bridge and pier protection
·corner protection for offshore structures, berths and other marine facilities

UHMW-PE Flat Fender pad ,UHMW-PE Corner Fender pad ,UHMW-PE Edge Fender pad all is available :


For special drawing and properties of UHMW-PE Fender facings /UHMW-PE Fender pad ,please contact us by our email .

Our UHMWPE Fender pads are sold to Australia, America, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, russia and other countries and areas.






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