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UV resistant Polyethylene PE 300 Sheet/ board/plate/pads


UV resistant Polyethylene PE 300 Sheet/ board/plate/pads

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd offers a great range of HDPE Sheet with all kinds of color and cut to size service. This High Density Polyethylene sheetis known as HDPE for short or PE300 grade due to its molecular weight. Polyethylene is an economical but tough engineering plastic which is used in a vast range of applications. The outstanding impact strength, low friction and excellent wear resistance properties makes HDPE ideal for cutting boards to wear part applications. HDPE is also FDA food approved making it a popular plastic for the food industry.

UV resistant Polyethylene PE 300 Sheet/ board/plate/pads

PE300 (PEHD) Extruded Natural Sheet is a high performance polyethylene with product characteristics including high chemical resistance, very high impact strength and extremely low moisture absorption. The long term service temperature range of PE300 (PEHD) Sheet is from -50°C to 80°C and has a short term maximum service temperature of 100°C. With a water absorption factor of <0.01% PE300 (PEHD) Sheet is dimensionally very stable within humid environments. Typical fields of application for PE300 (PEHD) Sheet include construction, drinking and waste water technology and bottling and food industries. PE300 (PEHD) Sheet is a material well suited to CNC routing, CNC milling and welding. Similar materials available from Plastock include Acetal C Extruded Natural Sheet and Nylon 66 Extruded Natural Sheet. If you have a requirement for machined or finished PE300 (PEHD) components please ask the Plastock team for more information

Key Features

  • Temperature: -50°C up to +80°C.

  • Lightweight and strong.

  • Good resistance to chemicals and low temperatures.

  • Very low moisture absorption.

  • FDA approved for contact with food.

  • Easily machined, fabricated and welded.

Size, color and textured all is available with u.






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