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Uhmwpe 10% Borated Radiation Polyethylene Sheets

  • Borated UHMWPE Sheets


Uhmwpe 10% Borated Radiation Polyethylene Sheets

The boron-containing polyethylene plate produced by Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd. is mainly used in the fields of nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, CNPC, military, Chinese Academy of Sciences, research laboratories, hospitals and nuclear test products cans, neutron beam collimators, neutron traps and nuclear reactors Control rod material and nuclear shielding materials research fields. As a shielding neutron, radiation, radiation shielding material absorption.

XINXING  add boron carbide boron trioxide borax and lead content of 5% -50% can be customized production, and can be processed according to customer requirements or drawings Finished sheet thickness is 350mm More than 350mm we can design splicing Program
Produced by boron-containing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate it has good anti-radiation properties, no activation products, secondary γ-ray energy is low; chemical stability, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless; high mechanical strength, , Easy to decontamination, easy machining, easy to install and maintain the characteristics of neutrons integral leakage basically does not change.
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is a very high wear resistance, creep resistance, self-lubricating, anti-stamping ability, light weight, the materials in the wear-resistant, load-bearing, energy absorption, anti-aging, shock absorption and a mold and so on than the PTFE skateboard more superiority. this companies to ultra-polymer-based materials, the use of organic polymers, wear-resistant materials and solid lubricant composite system for lubrication, resistance
Grinding components, combined with anti-aging agent, molding, cost savings and increase bearing life, with a high promotional value
Company Services: We can design the sample drawings and produce samples according to customers, we have a professional production team, we will strive to be the strongest.

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