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Yellow wear-resisting UHMW Polyethylene blocks


Yellow wear-resisting UHMW Polyethylene blocks have super wear resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, hygienic non-toxicity, non-adhesion, non-absorbent and other comprehensive properties.

Yellow wear-resisting UHMW Polyethylene blocks


1. Textile Machinery: the use of impact resistance, wear resistance and self-lubricating, such as 36 gear, shuttle frame buffer baffle, bearing lining and so on.
2. Medical Equipment: human implants, artificial joints, orthopedic instruments and stents, surgical instruments. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene characteristics Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is a kind of engineering plastic with excellent performance, such as high wear resistance, impact resistance, low friction coefficient, good self-lubricating performance, excellent low temperature resistance, Chemical resistance, etc.

3. Paper Industry: vacuum box panel, dewatering plate, scraper, sealing strip, paper cutter bushing, etc.
4. Beverage Food Machinery: the use of wear resistance, impact resistance, non-adhesive, hygienic non-toxic, production of work boards, conveyor screws, gears and so on.
5. Water Treatment: sludge scraper of sewage treatment plant, screw conveyor liner, mud pump impeller, pump bushing, clarification device gear and sedimentation tank lining.

Yellow wear-resisting UHMW Polyethylene blocks Features:

  • Incredible high abrasion resistance and wear resistance;

  • Excellent impact resistance at low temperature;

  • Good self-lubricating performance, non-adherent surface;

  • Unbreakable, good resilience, Super resistance of aging

  • Odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic;

  • Extremely low moisture absorption;

  • Very low coefficient of friction;

  • Highly resistant to corrosive chemicals except oxidizing acids.

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