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laminated Sign board ( Multi-color) HDPE board


XINXING can produce all kinds of HDPE boards as below:

Normal HDPE Sheets with various colors 

Sandwich sign board (multi-color) HDPE Sheets

UV stabilizer outdoor use HDPE Sheets 

Marine grade starboard HDPE boards

Cutting board HDPE sheets 

Dual color HDPE Sheet cutting board HDPE Sheet Sea board HDPE Sheet Normal colored HDPE Sheet
Sign board HDPE Sheet cutting board HDPE Sheet Sea board HDPE Sheet Normal colored HDPE Sheet

Standard size for the above HDPE boards as below:

2000X1000MM, 2440X1220MM, 3050X1220MM 

Other size is also available with us

Top Applications of HDPE boards

  • cutting boards

  • Ice Rinks

  • Outdoor Cabinetry / Furniture

  • Decorative Wood / Metal Replacement

  • Outdoor / Indoor Playground Systems

  • Outdoor Signs

  • Skate Parks

POLYCARVE outdoor Sign Board HDPE
In this multi-colored HDPE material, the outside layers and the core are different colors. It contains the same superior UV package as Playboard™. Polycarve can be routed so that the core color becomes visible.

Key Material Benefits:

  • Multi Colored HDPE Material

  • Core Color Different than Surface Color

  • Excellent Scratch Resistance

  • Easy to Clean

  • Great Impact and Stiffness

  • Weather Ability (UV Stabilized)

  • Will Not Delaminate, Chip, Rot, or Swell

  • Easy to Machine with Standard Tooling

  • No Moisture Absorption

Marine Grade - SEABOARD or StarBoard HDPE
Marine grade and non-marine grade outdoor cabinetry, furniture hatches, covers rails, trim, and components, decorative wood, metal replacement and many more.


  • Excellent scratch resistance

  • Great impact and stiffness

  • Weatherability (UV stabilized)

  • Will not delaminate, chip, rot, or swell

  • Easy to machine with standard tooling

  • No moisture absorption

  • Gloss finish

  • Easy to clean

  • Stiffness

  • Stocked colors, sizes and thicknesses

  • Still FDA and USDA approved with UV Additive

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