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7 benefits for using ground protection mats

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7 benefits for using ground protection mats


Ground protection mats provide an ideal solution for protecting both the landscape as well as equipment when using heavy equipment on soft grounds. The right ground protection mat can perform various important tasks that include creating temporary walkways for pedestrians, preventing utility vehicles from getting stuck in mud, as well as protecting turf from any vehicle damage.

While various types of ground protection mats are available in the market, polyethylene mats are recommended as the preferred option for reasons including the following:

1. Virtually Indestructible: 

The high-density and durable material allows the mats to bend without breaking while carrying up to 120-ton loads, rendering them virtually indestructible. 

Heavy duty vehicles include:     

· Cranes

· Bulldozers

· Tractors

· Concrete Trucks

· Back Hoes

2. Easy to Build: Platforms, walkways and roadways are built in minutes, almost anywhere. 

Polyethylene mats have been used in:

· Landscaping

· Tree Care

· Cemeteries

· Gold Courses

· Well drilling

· Trenching

· Septic Pumping

3. Adaptable to Inclement Weather: Safe to use in cold and wet conditions without damaging turf

4. Easy to Clean: Simple hosing down clears mat of any dirt and gravel

5. Environmentally Friendly: High-density polyethylene is 100% recyclable

6. Slip Resistant: Mat offers good traction making it safe for vehicles and pedestrians

7. Cost-Saving: Unlike other solutions that break down over time, polyethylene mats do not rot or deteriorate allowing them to be used for years

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