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Advantages Of Using UHMWPE As Part Of A Conveyor

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UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) parts are smooth, usually white plastic. It is approved for direct food contact and does not absorb water. It also has excellent resistance to cleaning solutions and lubricants in most conveyor and packaging machinery applications.

Compared with TeflonTM (PTEE, polytetrafluoroethylene), UHMWPE has superior mechanical properties in terms of abrasion resistance, compressive strength and impact resistance. Teflon is quite soft and will creep due to its chemical structure. This can lead to rapid wear in dusty or gritty environments. You can tell the difference between Teflon and UHWMPE by pressing your thumb nail into the material. Your thumb nails are easier to insert into Teflon than UHMWPE or other mechanical grade plastics.

Another difference is cost. Teflon is 10 times more expensive than UHMW because high temperatures (621 F) are required to create the strong chemical bonds of Teflon. these strong.Chemical bonds are the source of Teflon's temperature-resistant and inert properties, which make it extremely resistant to chemical attack. The strong chemical bonds also prevent cross-linking of the molecules, which prevents Teflon from having better mechanical properties.






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