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Beige Color Heavy Duty Construction Composite Ground Mats Are Ready To Ship To US

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Beige(Tan) color construction composite mats are made of composite UHMWPE with our unique recipe,which will be more strength and unbreakable.

Our composite mats are reusable, durable, lightweight, and easy to install for a wide range of ground protection applications, including excavation, landscaping, accessways, and more. Our construction composite mats are highly portable and offer safe access and ground protection for temporary roadways and pedestrian paths. They can handle traffic anywhere from a bicycle to larger construction vehicles and have a variety of uses and benefits to fit any custom needs.

Our ground protection mats are also easy to transport. Each mats is stronger than plywood and lasts up to 10 years. Our unique connectors lock the corners together if needed.

The standard color of heavy duty ground mats is 4000x2000x38mm, other size can be customized as your requirement.

Heavy duty composite mats are top selling in US market.Our mats are also exported to the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Light duty composite mats,Heavy duty construction mats,Medium ground mats are all available from us.This year we have released two new type of compoaite mats-Hollow core composite mats with overlapping flange desige and Solid core overlapping mats with interlocking system.

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overlapping mats

Mediun duty ground mats


Light duty ground mats

Heavy duty ground mats





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